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For creators looking to create a life of freedom and prosperity:

How I went from broke college student to building a personal brand, escaping the 9-5, and traveling the world while working 10 hours per week

And a short story on why the Creator Economy is your vessel for freedom, fulfillment, and life-changing opportunities

Read this whole letter to discover:

  • How to actually grow an influential brand and build a die-hard fanbase through social media.

  • The secret to infinite content ideas that’ll have your audience hooked on every word.

  • How to monetize your interests even if you don’t have a product, a business, or a course.

  • The secret to never burning out (it doesn’t matter if you work a full-time job, go to college, or have a family).

  • How to achieve your dream life through “work-life integration” and build a business in line with your core values.

WARNING: All future content creators…Everything you’ve learned about building a personal brand has been a lie.I’ll explain why in just a second.(Hint: It has nothing to do with your content idea or the amount of times you post).But first I want you to take a look at these images:

Here's what my account looked a year ago

Here's what my account looks like today

It only took me 14 months to grow to 22,400 followers.Now you might be thinking:“He went viral and got some followers... but is he monetizing them?”After never making a dollar on the internet, I've made more than $70k in my first year of being a creator.

But you and I both know how time-consuming creating content can be.You might be putting in 40 hours per week at work…Have a family to attend to…Or have an intense college schedule to stick to.How could you find time outside of these obligations to write content, build a business, and immerse yourself in the creator economy?Especially when you have to come up with unique ideas, record, write, and edit?It seems like a lot.But as you can see, I’ve figured out the secret to building an audience…Get paid for doing what I love…And built a digital resume that attracts opportunities to create income.Plus, the best part about the creator game is it never “consumed” my life.With the systems that I’ve implemented (I’ll talk about these in a minute)...I would spend less than 2 hours per day working to generate thousands of dollars.

But let me take you back to the beginning...

Here's my story

In case you don’t know me…Hi, I’m Jack Moses.For most of my life, I followed the conventional path.I went to a top-10 university, played Division 1 football, and was on a trajectory towards a lucrative finance career.But deep down, I craved something more, something that aligned with my true calling - entrepreneurship.

I stumbled upon a niche podcast featuring Dan Koe (2.4 million followers) and Dickie Bush (438,000 followers).Their discussions about making money by writing about their interests online, gaining control of their time, and building unstoppable leverage resonated with me.It felt like I had discovered the goldmine of the 21st century.I knew I wanted to find a way to escape the 9-5, so I decided to take a shot and invest in Dan Koe’s 2-Hour Writing Program and begin writing online.

I posted my first tweet on September 1, 2022.It took me 10 minutes to hit send.I was terrified of the judgment from the friends and family that followed me and would see my post...

“Why are you posting stuff like that?”“You’re just wasting your time on that."“What's the point? It won't lead to a 'real' job."While I continued to hear this over and over again, my account wasn’t growing, proving them right.I’d spend hours consuming content, trying to learn how to grow.The second I heard about a new “strategy” I immediately implemented it hoping that it would blow up and change my life.But it would just flop, barely getting any engagement.In the end, all it did was burn me out.Then the guilt of not posting would eat me up.All I could think to myself was…“I've been at this for months, and my following count is barely moving. Is it even worth it? Maybe I should just give up.”But then I discovered something that changed the course of my life…

You see, I wasn’t growing or monetizing my content because…

I was relying on trending tactics to build my audience…

The trends you see on Instagram, TikTok, and X on building an audience is temporary advice.You might start to see some results if you’re lucky (which is rare).But then within a few weeks, that tactic no longer works and a new one comes in.All this is doing is wasting your time, making you take the long route to grow your account.Plus, if you manage to grow your account this way, it’ll be impossible to effectively monetize it since you’ve been jumping from tactic to tactic.Trust me, I would know.I've had conversations with creators who have thousands of followers...Yet they find themselves standing at the crossroads, clueless about how to effectively monetize their accounts.Frustrated that I had to start from scratch again…I spent an entire month trying to figure out how to go viral, post consistently, and grow a following willing to buy from me.

That’s when it hit me...

The one crucial element every account lacks when building an audience is…

The fundamentals and systems to create content effortlessly.That’s when the light bulb went off.I needed to find the fundamental aspects of these viral posts and implement them with my personal twist to it.So the journey continued…I became a scientist, analyzing, dissecting, and testing viral ideas, combining them with leveraging network effects and bulletproof systems.And the growth began almost instantly.

Within 4 months of writing online, I shot up from 1000 to 8000 followers.This growth led me to making $7000 per month in month 6 of writing online (over $84,000 per year).Here’s a screenshot of what I was making back in April 2023 ->

But the best part wasn’t making $7000 and moving to Buenos Aires.It was the ability to make that money working 10 hours per week.Meaning if I wanted to, I could spend 2 hours a day doing work…And go on to enjoy the rest of my day.I didn’t have to wait until the weekend to actually start living.In my eyes, I was finally free.Free to travel anywhere in the world, spend my time however I wanted, and get paid for doing what I love most.The results from this were transformational.12 months later, I ended up:

  • Growing a following of over 25,000 people (across all platforms)

  • Coaching 50+ creators (giving them the same strategy I used to grow)

  • Building Kortex with Dan Koe, Justin Scott, and Joey Justice

But it started by discovering the fundamentals of viral content and building systems combined with peak-performance.Now you can go ahead and try to do that yourself (as I did).Or you can shortcut your learning curve and take everything I've learned from 14 months of obsession, immersion, and self-experimentation and have all the knowledge you need right now.

Let me introduce to you…

The Creator Performance Cohort

The Creator Performance Cohort is everything I’ve learned to go from 1,000 followers to building a 6-figure business while working a few hours a day.It is based on the Peak Performing Creator Curriculum – a comprehensive two part course on Mastering The Creator Economy and becoming a Peak Performing Creator.But before you think:“This is just another audience-building program like all the others.”Let me tell you, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.Why?Because this is the LAST program you’ll ever need.After you learn what’s inside you’ll have everything you need to build your audience, monetize it, never burn out, achieve freedom, and set yourself on a journey towards self-actualization.Let's take a look at what's inside the program...

Phase 1: Mastering the Creator Economy

  • Module 1: The Principles Of The Creator Economy

  • Dive deep into the Principles of the Creator Economy, the ladders of the Sovereign Creator, and the future of online education and business.

  • Module 2: Multidimensional Creator OS Center

  • The creator OS is your intuitive Notion setup that stores all your notes, houses all your content, and helps you manage your business.

  • Within the OS, you also gain access to the Content OS, Performance OS, Newsletter OS, Podcast OS, Business OS, and a fully integrated Quick-Capture Command Center.

  • Module 3: Your Fundamental Tools

  • Explore the essential tools and software to fuel your journey as a creator so you can skip the trial-and-error phase.

  • Module 4: Crafting Your Digital Resume

  • Optimize your social media account for followers and buyers, craft a unique aesthetic, and stand out as a niche of one amongst a sea of copycat creators.

  • Module 5: Social Media Growth

  • Discover the principles, tactics, and secrets behind increasing your luck surface area by leveraging the four types of luck to grow your social media following (and income).

  • Module 6: Social Media Writing

  • Discover the principles, tactics, and secrets behind increasing your luck surface area by leveraging the four types of luck to grow your social media following (and income).

  • Module 7: Building Your Personal Monopoly

  • Learn how to go nicheless, become multi-disciplinary, and leverage the power of mental real estate to establish yourself as an authority in the digital world.

  • Module 8: Monetizing Your Personal Brand

  • Finally, learn the different ways to monetize your personal brand, craft mutually beneficial offers, and market those offers via mega and mini-funnels.

Phase 2: The Peak Performing Creator

  • Module 1: Reverse Engineering Your Vision

  • Clarify your vision for the future and reverse-engineer a 90-day goal with weekly systems and daily levers to get there.

  • Module 2: Architecting Lifestyle Design

  • Master the craft of scheduling, working, and curating your environment in harmony with your biology, psychology, and ideal day.

  • Module 3: Focus in the Digital Age

  • Regain control over your focus with deep work strategies, rejuvenating rest techniques, and an arsenal of productivity tools and tricks.

  • Module 4: Creativity and Flow Psychology

  • Learn how to use the power of the subconscious mind, tap into flow state effortlessly, and create habits and systems for infinite ideation.

  • Module 5: Self-Actualization

  • Understand how your personal brand is your vehicle for reaching your potential and why the creator economy is society's vehicle for a collective evolution of consciousness

  • We'll even touch on some philosophy, spirituality, and metaphysics for the esoteric folks among us. (;

Plus, we'll have 4 1v1 guidance calls

  • Call 1: Onboarding

  • On this call, we'll get to know each other, understand your goals, and set up a plan for your journey ahead.

  • Call 2: Vision, goals, systems, and levers

  • On this call, we'll delve into your vision, set clear goals, establish systems that work for you, and identify the levers to achieve your aspirations.

  • Call 3: Check-in, iterate, and realign

  • On this call, we'll check your progress, make any necessary adjustments, and ensure everything is aligned for success.

  • Call 4: Solidifying for vision and future post-program

  • On our final call, we'll wrap up solidify your achievements, and plan your path moving forward beyond the program.

Yes, there is a lot more...

Let me make it impossible for you to fail with these BONUSES

Bonus #1

Sunday Systems Worksheet

A free 3-step sheet to plan your week, be more productive, and prevent burnout.

Bonus #2

Realignment Journal

A worksheet with guided prompts to help you get back on track and regain clarity of your vision and anti-vision within 30 minutes.

Bonus #3

The Creator’s Toolbox

A toolbox of plugins, software, and digital tools to make your creator journey easier.

Bonus #4

My Library of Alexandria System

My easy-to-follow system to read, store, and capture anything and everything ever written.You'll also gain access to my top book, podcast, and lecture recommendations.

Bonus #5

Private Circle Community

A private space to network with creators in the same journey, gain insights from those further along, and support those who are just starting out.

Bonus #6

6 Live Community Calls & Q/A

Biweekly community calls where we’ll dive deep into relevant modules, hold time for Q&A, and have "speed-dating" sessions where you can connect with other creators within the cohort.

Bonus #7

7+ Exclusive Guest Masterclasses

Guest lectures scattered throughout the week covering topics such as: sales, marketing, alignment, audience building, mindfulness & business, leveraging audio, health & fitness and more to be announced...

Bonus #8

Lifelong access to the Sovereign Creator Community

This community will serve as the personal development school for the creator economy. By signing up for this cohort, you will gain lifelong access for free (launching in 2024-2025).

Bonus #9

12 weekly 1v1 consulting calls + recordings

We’ll have a 30-minute session every week for 12 weeks to go over the material from the curriculum and make sure all your questions are answered, iterate on your systems, and make real-time adjustments to your processes and goal pursuit (1v1 consulting only).

What’s inside this cohort has benefited over 50 creators…

Here’s what some of them have to say:

If you’re looking for a guarantee,
this isn’t for you

Most online courses or programs come with a “guarantee”.But this isn’t one of them.I have no desire to work with people looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.I’m interested in working with people who:

  • Want to build authentic brands

  • Understand the long-term game of the creator economy

  • And are willing to show up for at least 6-12 months (like I did) to see tangible results

Now, why am I not offering a guarantee?Because it attracts the wrong kind of people.Think about it for a second.If there was a guarantee, you’d purchase this and spend a month or two on it without putting in your best effort.Why?Because you know that you’ll get your money back if this goes south.However, for those whom I’m looking to work with…They’re looking at this as an investment and they’re willing to put some skin in the game.They’ll be determined to succeed regardless of if life gets in the way.That’s why instead of offering a “regular” guarantee.I’ll do you one better.If you invest in this program, go through the material, implement everything I tell you to do…You will see results.That’s my guarantee.The way I see it, it will be impossible not to see results.Why?Because I’ve helped over 50+ other creators do the same thing.Plus, once you invest in this program, I will be in your corner for life.I tend to develop relationships with coaching clients and students closer to best friends and even brothers and sisters, compared to seeing you as a “client."It's in my best interest that as a former student of mine, you become my greatest appreciating asset.

As you can see with everything I presented to you above…

This can be easily priced at over $10,000

I’ve given you everything I’ve learned on this journey.I’ve paid thousands of dollars over and over again for different mentors…Purchased multiple courses…And spent my valuable time studying viral pieces of content.So my question to you is…How much is this lifestyle worth to you?Picture yourself strolling through a foreign market in the morning…Working on your content by the beach in the afternoon…And unwinding at a vibrant local cafe in the evening.You’ve finally broken out of the chains of a traditional 9-to-5 job, where your workspace is no longer confined to four walls…Instead, your new office can be the world.You’ll be able to capture the essence of different cultures…Creating new captivating experiences…And saying goodbye to the days of content creation dominating your every waking hour.The best part is you’ll be receiving notifications throughout the day…Not about looming deadlines…But about payments rolling in.This isn't just a daydream; this is the reality of a full-time content creator who understands the fundamentals and has systems in place.This is the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.This is the definition of having freedom.Where there isn’t a cap on how much money you’ll make in a given month.So if you’re tired of building someone else’s dream…

The time to make a decision is now

As I mentioned before, all the information I’m giving you can be easily priced at $10,000.Right now you’re going to get it at the cheapest price it will EVER be.Now, since you’ve read this far it shows that you have the desire to change your life.So here are your two options:



Enrollment closed until further notice

  • The Peak Performing Creator Curriculum

  • The Creator OS (Including all the complementary OSes and the Quick Capture Central Hub)

  • Bonus: Sunday Systems Worksheet

  • Bonus: Realignment Journal

  • Bonus: The Creator’s Toolbox

  • Bonus: My Library of Alexandria System

  • Bonus: Private Circle Community

  • Bonus: Lifelong Access to Sovereign Creator Community

  • Bonus: Live Community Calls + Q&A

  • Bonus: Exclusive Guest Masterclasses

1v1 VIP Consulting


Enrollment closed until further notice

  • The Peak Performing Creator Curriculum

  • The Creator OS (Including all the complementary OSes and the Quick Capture Central Hub)

  • All 8 bonuses included in the Cohort tier

  • Bonus: 12 weekly 1v1 consulting calls + recordings

  • 90 Days vs 60 days for the cohort

  • 24/7 access to me via Telegram

  • Extra Access To My Entire Audience And Network

  • Personalized Systems Creation

If you think you have time to wait and think about it, you don’t…

You see, I’ll be promoting this to my 22,000+ followers on X and to my 2,500+ subscribers on my newsletter…Meaning there will be more and more people joining who will take up my time and to be fair, I don’t want my strategies to become saturated either.But if you’re reading this right now…Then you’re lucky that you can still get it at the current price.

Still have questions?

I have answers

The Creator Economy seems cool... but how do I know it's not a trend? +

The truth is, no one knows for sure. However, everything in the universe tends towards decentralization. The same holds true with the creator economy.The traditional institutions, i.e., corporations and the university system, cannot keep up with the specific knowledge of individual creators with infinite leverage and the rapidly progressing nature of the online world.

Are there any additional tools, software, or payments I'll need to make after joining? +

Nope. Your Creator Command Center will be obtained for free via Notion, and you only need zero-cost tools and softwares to implement everything you learn.There are things I will mention or suggest that do cost money, but they are all entirely optional and not necessary.

I've been in the creator economy for a while. Is the material too introductory for me? +

No. The Creator Fundamentals phase will provide you with added insights and material you haven't learned about before. And the Peak Performance Phase is necessary knowledge for any creator, regardless of experience, to accelerate their growth both externally and internally.

Can I upgrade to 1v1 after purchasing the cohort? +

Yes. However the price for 1v1 coaching after the cohort is released will be up to $5000 as opposed to the earlier, lower priced options simply due to my capacity and bandwidth.

I’m interested but not sold. Is there any way I can ask Jack directly for more info? +

Yes. Shoot me a message on X @jackmoses0 and I’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

You’re standing at a crossroads...

And you have 3 options

Option 1:You can close this page and continue to feel that guilt and frustration that nags at you when you know you should be creating content.The lifestyle you crave will slip right through your fingers…And the dreams you've envisioned will remain just that…A dream.Or you can go with option #2:Give up on your dream…You’ll continue to live the monotony of a lifeless routine, clocking into work day after day without ever pursuing your passion for content creation.Your dreams become distant memories, buried beneath the demands of a job that fails to fulfill your creative spirit.Which is a life I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.However, you have option #3 (and I’d highly recommend it)You can make an investment in your future and choose the path of empowerment to take a step toward making your dreams a reality.You’ll be investing in the one-stop-shop that equips you with the tools, knowledge, and strategies to grow and monetize the audience you’ve built.That passion of yours you have can turn into a full-time endeavor printing you hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every single year with just a few hours of work per week.The decision is yours.Will you let your dreams remain aspirations…Or will you seize this opportunity to turn them into the extraordinary reality you deserve?See you inside,

- Jack Moses

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